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Department of Philosophy 

Undergraduate study


The study of philosophy at the University Ljubljana has existed since its founding in 1919. The Department of Philosophy presently offers two undergraduate programmes (180 ECTS):

  • single-subject (B.A. Philosophy)
  • two-subject (B.A. Philosophy and other subject)


1. A single-subject graduate in philosophy is professionally qualified for the following:

  • professional and research work in philosophy
  • jobs in cultural and public institutions, libraries, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, television and other media
  • writing and translating philosophical and other theoretical texts - educational work
  • as a teacher of philosophy (with above-mentioned additional classes) in secondary school.

These all demand constant improvement of the graduate's knowledge and self-education through critical study of professional texts. The Department therefore offers postgraduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) courses under the general conditions for postgraduate studies in Slovenia.


2. A two-subject graduate in philosophy and another subject is qualified for professions in philosophy and cultural areas, such as:

  • interdisciplinary research specialist
  • relevant posts in cultural institutions
  • publicist and translating jobs on interdisciplinary field
  • teaching on voluntary educational programmes.


Two-subject programmes require the student to follow an additional study programme at the Faculty of Arts or (by agreement) at some other faculty within the University. Additional study is possible, by agreement. Moving from one programme to another is regulated either by the Faculty of Arts regulations or by the statute and regulations of the University of Ljubljana. Moving from a programme at some other university to study of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts is regulated by the Act on Higher Education and the statutes of the university with additional rules defining the procedure of moving to the Faculty of Arts, and also according to agreements which the Faculty of Arts has signed with other universities and faculties.



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