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Department of Philosophy 


Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Nature


Born in Ljubljana on May 18, 1951. I graduated in 1975, philosophy and psychology. From 1975 to 1991 I worked in several professions, among them as a journalist and as a book editor. Master Degree in 1984 (Aristotle's Modal Logic), PhD in 1990 (Implication and Deductive Necessity), all in the University of Ljubljana. Post-doc specialization in Salzburg by Professor Paul Weingartner (logic of relevance) in 1991. From 1992 on I have been engaged as a professor of the above mentioned courses in the University of Ljubljana. I live in Ljubljana and in a village in the Kras region.

My profession is philosophy, love of wisdom. Up to now, I have been working mostly in the following disciplines of philosophy: logic, philosophy of space and time, cosmology, metaphysics, philosophy of religion. I have written also some fiction books, philosophical prose.