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Department of Philosophy 




  • Born 1951 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), studied philosophy and sociology, PhD. D. 1988 with thesis "Struggle on the artistic left", associate professor for aesthetics on the University of Ljubljana.
    Professional career in Ljubljana culture (1973-1977), politics (Socialist Youth Union of Yugoslavia1977-1980; Member of Slovenian Parliament 1990-1996, Deputy Speaker 1993-1996), and university (1992-). Part time university engagement from 1976 with different members of University of Ljubljana (Faculty for Philosophy, Academy of Music, Academy for Visual Arts etc.), after 1992 full-time member of the Department of Philosophy, with lectures on aesthetics, philosophy of art and philosophy of culture on the Department of Philosophy, Department of Art History (Faculty of Philosophy) and Department for Design (Academy for Visual Arts).
    Founding member of Slovenian Society of Aesthetics (1984), now its president and member of Executive Committee of International Association for Aesthetics. Coo-organized national and international colluquiums on avant-garde in the eighties (Historical Avantgarde in Slovenia 1985, Co-existence of Avantgardes 1986), member of preparations-team of the exhibition "Slovenian Historical Avantgarde" (1998, Modern Gallery).
  • Aesthetics