Faculty of Arts | University of Ljubljana

Department of Philosophy 






1965     BA in Comparative Literature and Literary theory

1966     BA in Philosophy

1969     University of Belgrade, thesis "The World as  History, Principal problems and motives of Dilthey's philosophy"; MA in philosophy

1972     University of Ljubljana, BA in Greek language and


1974     PhD in Classical philology; dissertation "The

            historical thinking of Thucydides with

            particular  analysis of his antilogies"

1977     PhD in Philosophy; dissertation "Dialectics and

            Metaphysics in Aristotle"

1990     University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts,

            Department of Philosophy,

            Full Professor of History of Philosophy


Areas of Competence:

- history of philosophy

- philosophy of language, rhetoric

- philosophy of art

- history of philosophy (19th century)


- Ancient Greek philosophy (esp. Aristotle)

- hermeneutics, phenomenology, contemporary

  philosophy  (esp. Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger)

- metaphysics,  ethics, political philosophy,

- logic and  history of science